Whole House Ultrasonic Mouse Repellent

This ultrasonic mouse repellent uses both ultrasound and electromagnetic action to disturb the habits of mice. Simply plug into any ordinary household socket. For large houses we would recommend one for upstairs and another for downstairs. The ultrasound emitted from the unit is inaudible by humans, cats and dogs but is well within the hearing range of the mouse who find the noise disturbing.

The great thing about this electronic mouse deterrent is that in addition to the ultrasonic sound it has an electromagnetic pulse which penetrates walls, floors and ceilings (all the places that mice like to breed in). The electromagnetic pulse passes directly through all the wiring of the home, which in turn reduces the number of places a mouse will feel comfortable nesting.

The 5 in 1 pest control uses the latest technology in pest control, found to be effective in cleaning the whole house of rodents, spiders, ants and other crawling and flying insects.

  • Electro magnetic wave works through the wiring of your house
  • Twin setting Ultrasonic wave.
  • Auto sweep facility uses works in the room space you plug it into.
  • Night light – comes on in the dark with, a non intrusive warm blue glow
  • Infra red frequency effective in repelling flying insects.
  • No Smell, Poisons, Fumes and no side effect to Humans.
  • Can be used in caravans, homes, offices, boats etc.

We are often asked if this ultrasonic mouse repellent will definitely remove all the mice from their home. We have to be honest and say that when we do get returns, the main problem is that the purchaser already had a fully established infestation before they started using the unit; mice who were already nesting and close to the food source simply decide to "grin and bare it".

Our recommendation is to use the unit to prevent mice getting established in the first place or to prevent re-infestation. Initially you should use our luminous dust tracking kit to ascertain the extent of your problem, and then remove the mice with our live catch mouse traps. Finally our ultrasonic Mouse repellent should be used as part of a programme to prevent mice returning.

If you've got any questions about our electronic mouse deterrents then please contact us. We'll answer your questions within 2 hours; test us, if we fail we'll send you a large bar of chocolate.

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Whole House Ultrasonic Mouse Repellent

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