Luminous Dust Mouse Tracking Kit

When considering how to catch a mouse it is crucial to look at the bigger picture; how many mice need catching? How did they get in? What are their movements?

Our Luminous Dust Tracking Kits are absolutely brilliant. Everybody is raving about them. People are mesmerized and shocked by how active mice can be during the night. Our kit will light up every single step the mice take throughout the night.

The tracking dust sticks to the mouse's feet, then as the mouse scurries about, it leaves invisible footprints everywhere; our special black light torch is then used to see these invisible footprints.

How to catch a mouse with our luminous dust tracking kit.

You will only ever know how to catch all the mice once you are able to determine the full pattern of their nocturnal activities.

How to use our Luminous Tracking Dust

Using a sieve, sprinkle a small quantity of our luminous dust around the area you know them to frequent; where you have seen them, signs of nibbling, droppings etc.

The following morning and in low light conditions, switch on our black light torch (included with the kit). You'll be amazed to see how you can now follow their every action; their footprints will light up like tiny beacons.

Follow their previous night's movements for up to 20 metres; find out how they got in and what parts of the house they visited.

Now there's no need to waste time and effort putting traps down where the mice will never visit.

With their routes highlighted you can position our Humane Mouse Traps every 1 - 2 metres, with pinpoint accuracy.

There, that's how to catch mice.

Finally it is a well known fact that mice are prolific urinators. With our Professional Rodent Germ Clear Spray, you will know exactly where to clean.

If you've got a 'How to catch a mouse' question or you've any questions about the use of humane mouse traps then please contact us. We'll answer your questions within 2 hours; test us, if we fail we'll send you a large bar of chocolate.

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